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Boonah artist Robyn Christoffel



Boonah artist Robyn Christoffel

Robyn Christoffel is a very creative, multi-media artist, based in Boonah in the beautiful Scenic Rim in Queensland.


Robyn loves to combine many different techniques and textures to create realistic artwork. She uses a wide variety of materials such as silk, cotton, calico and natural products including paperbark, lichens from trees, tree & palm fibres, anything she can get her hands on. She is always thinking “How can I use this in my Textile or Art Designs”.

Robyn finds design ideas are everywhere, with patterns in everything around us as well as the wonderful colours and shapes of our amazing landscapes. Robyn doesn’t describe herself as a traditional artist or even a traditional textile artist, as she allows herself to break the rules to achieve flexibility in her designs.

Robyn has lived a creative life with a great love of flowers and nature from an early age leading to becoming a florist. Later she designed theatre costumes, sets and backdrops. From undertaking a 4 year drawing course at Sydney University to feeling constricted by regular quilting, Robyn has continued to explore many artistic forms and has found a way to create her own unique artistic expression. 

Robyn has travelled to share her art form by teaching others, one quilting group wrote – “We were blown away by the endless possibilities that Robyn shared with us. She has the art of making us all believe we too could achieve what we had previously thought impossible”.

Over the years Robyn’s techniques have not changed much, but her style of work and products used have. She now uses Inks and Ink pencils on both cotton & calico fabric as well as habuti silks and watercolour papers. Robyn has featured in Quilting publications and has won many awards for her work.