I was tired of living my life as a shawl, bored with wrapping myself around women. So I selected some beautiful colours from “Tree Tops Colour Harmonies” and started my adventure in Re-Vamping. First a neckline was cut out through my centre then I was laid out on a table where the wet felting process took place. I was covered with superfine merino wool of cream and brown and then the beautiful colours of Colour Harmonies “Outback”, “Spice Market” and “Kimberly Blue” were blended through. Overlaid on the wool were silk threads, mohair curls, soy silk fibre and silk throwsters. I was then wet down with soapy water, covered with a resist and waited for the process to begin. After being hand felted my transformation was complete. I am now a Re Vamped and colourful unique handcrafted Tabard. I love my new look and I hope you do to.   

Escape from Plain: hand felted tabard

  • Hand washable. The label will give you complete instructions as well as a list of the types of wools and fibres that have been used.