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Welcome to 2022!

A Year of Artistic Adventures!

We four, Barry, Robyn, Gayle and Peter, are all friends from Boonah in the glorious Scenic Rim. Our art is so different but the joy it gives is equally felt. We are inspired by this place, in all its seasons. Misty winter mornings and dramatic winter sunsets. The promise of spring with purple jacarandas enlivening the landscape, short lived as we blast into hot and humid summers. Relief once again in Autumn, as wood smoke fills the air.

We have lived here, through the biggest floods and the worst drought and endless bushfires. Design ideas are everywhere, with patterns in everything around us as well as the wonderful colours and shapes of our amazing landscapes. And we’ve captured it all. On canvas and paper, through the photographer’s lens, woven in fibre. It is embedded in us, this sense of place, this place that we have chosen.

Adventuring artists and the art of adventure. Adventures in life and adventures in art. Long summer lunches with friends. Long road trips. Sun kissed days. Exploring, seeking, experimenting. Laughing. Looking at the world with an artist’s eye. Shape and form and colour. Vivid and wild and soft and subdued. Capturing with our chosen medium. The click of the camera, the swoosh of a brush, needle pulling thread, soft woolen felting. Friendship, always friendship. Bringing joy to our days. Art and friends, a perfect union of like-minded souls.

We have so many things planned for this year, so come and join us in 2022, and immerse yourself, in our artistic adventures.

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